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Camera backpacks and bags

Whether you're looking for a backpack or a shoulder bag for your camera equipment, you'll find what you need here!

All our products are high-quality and robust, look really good and offer plenty of storage space as well as padded camera compartments. Most of them even have flexibly adjustable interior dividers that can be removed completely if desired.

This means that our camera backpacks and bags can be converted into a lifestyle backpack or an everyday bag in no time at all.


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Track Shot 3800 Kameratasche VorderseiteTrack Shot 3800 Camera Bag
Track Shot 3800 Camera Bag Sale priceCHF 99.90
Track Shot 8000 Kameratasche VorderseiteTrack Shot 8000 Camera Bag
Track Shot 8000 Camera Bag Sale priceCHF 129.90
Quick Delight Toploader 150 Kameratasche Vorderseite schwarzQuick Delight Toploader 150
Quick Delight Toploader 150 Sale priceCHF 39.90
Proper Roady 2.0 Kameratasche 4500 Vorderseite schwarzProper-Roady-Kameratasche-Front Seite
Proper Roady 2.0 camera bag Sale priceCHF 89.90
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Creator's Chronicler Kameratasche 9000 Vorderseite schwarzCreator's Chronicler Camera Sling 9000
Recycled materials
Creator's Road Mentor Kamerarucksack Vorderseite schwarzCreator's Road Mentor Backpack
Creator's Road Mentor Backpack Sale priceCHF 259.90
Recycled materials
Conversion Barrel Rucksack Vorderseite grau meliertConversion Barrel Backpack
Conversion Barrel Backpack Sale priceCHF 219.90
Recycled materials
Conversion Rolltop Rucksack Vorderseite schwarzConversion Rolltop Backpack
Conversion Rolltop Backpack Sale priceCHF 239.90
FrontRow Camera Half Backpack Kamerarucksack Vorderseite schwarzFrontRow Camera Half Backpack
FrontRow Camera Half Backpack Sale priceCHF 219.90
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Creator's Life Hack Kamerarucksack Vorderseite schwarzCreator's Life Hack Backpack
Creator's Life Hack Backpack Sale priceCHF 219.90
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Creators Algorithm Backpack Vorderseite schwarzCreator's Algorithm Backpack
Creator's Algorithm Backpack Sale priceCHF 229.90
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